The core business of Kwant Controls is the design and manufacturing of various types of control units for the electrical remote control of practically all kinds of propulsion and steering devices, such as: traditional main engine/clutch/CPP-FPP shaft lines, tunnel thrusters, azimuthal thrusters, rudders and water jets.


  • DECT based wireless technology, providing 240 channels. Automatic selection of free channel. DECT communication is a registered system only accessible for authorized participants.
  • Unique worldwide address coding to identify transmitter / receiver combination.
  • Redundant diversity control by 2 processors each for transmitter and receiver.
  • Engine alarm lead to vibration of the portable transmitter and generates an acoustic signal while displaying the specific alarm.
  • Presentation of battery status + pre announcing of empty battery.
  • Presentation of RSSI radio signal strength indication.
  • Out of range or excessive tilting will activate alarm at the Wheelhouse and will set signals to “zero”.
  • Emergency stop button sets signals to “zero” and activates alarm at the Bridge.
  • Control can be taken over at the Wheelhouse any time.
  • Portable take over only allowed with all controls in neutral position.
  • Power supply receiver 10-30VDC.
  • Power supply portable transmitter with NIMH rechargeable battery (operating time approx. 20 hrs continuous operation).
  • Spare battery and battery charger included.

The wireless remote control system is approved by DNV-GL and LRS.


  • Presentation of shaft rpm, Rudder, thrusters position and relevant engine alarms on an LCD display by means of analogue or digital (bar graph) indication.
  • Interface between receiver and propulsion / steering systems:
    • Analogue signals e.g. 4-20mA or 0-10VDC;
    • Digital inputs/outputs;
    • CAN-Bus / Profibus / device net, RS232 or RS 485.
  • Different sizes and control units configuration available
  • Receiver with integrated or external active antenna with data cable (L = 5-50m).
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