The core business of Kwant Controls is the design and manufacturing of various types of control units for the electrical remote control of practically all kinds of propulsion and steering devices, such as: traditional main engine/clutch/CPP-FPP shaft lines, tunnel thrusters, azimuthal thrusters, rudders and water jets.

IP level: IP40 with watertight front IP56


  • ASA-1: Panel mounted, 96x96mm, IP40;
  • ASA-2: Ceiling mounted, dual pointer, Ø400x135mm;
  • ASA-3: Ceiling mounted, single pointer, Ø400x135mm;
  • ASA-4: Panel mounted, 144x144mm, IP40;
  • MED approved.


  • Watertight front IP56.
  • Kwant Controls also supplies a matching thruster position feedback signal transmitter mounted in a rugged housing, the ASG-1, which can be linked to the thruster shaft by means of a sprocket and chain connection. A combination of the ASG-1 and one (or more) of the ASA indicators together form a reliable thruster position indication system that will last for many years without any maintenance.
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